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Astronaut Aroma Diffuser & Lamp

Astronaut Aroma Diffuser & Lamp

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Have you ever had the pleasure of owning something visually stunning and artistic?
Our Astronaut Aroma Diffuser & Lamp is exactly that and more.
It can be used as a Lamp, Aroma Diffuser or Humidifier! 
Easy to use, simply open the top cover, add water, add your favorite essential oil (not included), switch on, and enjoy!

Incorporate aromatherapy into your daily life.
Refresh the air quality when used as a humidifier.
Create a romantic ambiance when used as accent lighting.
Or use it as a cute night light for your room! 
Includes a USB cable to charge.
How to use:

- Open the top cover
- Add water
- Connect power
- Tap the switch to turn on the spray mode and light.
What you get from our Astronaut Aroma Diffuser & Lamp:

- Refreshes the air quality, prevents bacterial invasion, and adjusts the room temperature.
- Provides a clean hydrating mist that keeps skin healthy, and moist and relieves its dryness.
- Releases moisture from the air and helps in breathing activity that promotes better sleep and working experience.
- Creates a romantic and peaceful atmosphere and makes your room so vivid and beautiful.
- Works as a nightlight which is an excellent choice for children to fall asleep easily.

Unlike anything you've seen before, this is a beautiful gift for any loved one, watch their eyes glow when they open it up and see the Moon before them like never before!

Size: 13cm (5.1 inches) x 28cm (11 inches)

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