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Rotating Moon Lamp

Rotating Moon Lamp

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Perfect present for every Space Lover! 

Throughout history, the Moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol that brings you mystery, delight, relief, and romance. It unveils the potential of space and the galaxy.

After a long day, we sometimes want to take a glimpse at the Moon for a sense of relief, only to find skyscrapers in the sky…But now you can bring the Moon along with you. Light the Moon Lamp and enjoy the moon's beauty in your home. Enjoy the gentle embrace of pure moonlight.

Our lamps are made using innovative 3D printing technology, which enables us to print the moon by stacking layer over layer, giving a very realistic appearance of the moon.

Most importantly it is made from eco-friendly materials!

We have two amazing options: 

Rotating Moon Lamp: A rotating moon lamp is designed to mimic the motion of the moon orbiting around the Earth. It sits on a base and uses a motor to rotate the moon model, giving the illusion of the moon moving in the night sky.

The primary focus is on simulating the moon's orbital motion. 

Levitating Moon Lamp: The Levitating moon lamp uses magnetic levitation technology to suspend the moon model in mid-air above its base. It creates the illusion of the moon floating or levitating, which can be a captivating and mesmerizing effect.

Levitating moon lamps often have a more futuristic and eye-catching design, as the primary feature is the moon's suspended position, which can be a conversation piece and a work of art in itself.


Inside the wooden base, you'll find an array of electromagnets and a magnetic induction charger.

When lowering the moon onto the base, the outermost electromagnets attract the base while the inner magnets create a repelling force. This holds the moon in place and causes it to hover a few centimetres above the base.

Now once within the range of the moon's base, the receiver is able to pick up power from the charger block via magnetic induction.

Moon Lamp diameter: 18cm (7 inches) 

Package includes
- Moon lamp
- USB Charging Cable
- Wooden presentation stand

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Perfect Christmas Gift For Every Space Lover!

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Your satisfaction is our priority. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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