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Squishy Bunny Light

Squishy Bunny Light

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Discover the Magic of the Squishy Bunny Lamp: Your Ultimate Light Companion!

Transform bedtime into a soothing retreat with our Adorable Squishy Squishy Rabbit Light.

Designed with care and thought for the little ones, this charming bunny lamp is crafted from top-quality ABS silicone that is completely BPA-FREE.

Soft, squishable, and utterly huggable, it's built to withstand cuddles and squeezes without losing its shape, ensuring endless nights of comfortable, soothing light.

With just a gentle tap on the bunny or a click on the power button, you can easily turn the night light on or off. Its user-friendly design is perfect for both kids and parents, making it a breeze to use during those sleepy midnight awakenings. Plus, the handy 30-minute timer ensures the light gently fades off, helping your child drift into dreamland effortlessly.

USB Rechargeable for Endless Nights!

Say goodbye to constant battery changes! Our bunny night light promises up to 8 hours of a gentle, non-glaring glow on a single charge. Its soft illumination is designed to guide your little one to sleep without the harshness of strobe lighting, making it the perfect bedside companion.

Choose from three brightness levels to create the perfect atmosphere for sleep, play, or midnight feedings. 

The Perfect Gift for Everyone! 

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Invite this cuddly bunny into your home and let it hop into your hearts with its warm, comforting glow.

Order now and embrace the serene nights and joyous days ahead!

Due to very high demand, please allow 6-8 business days for delivery. For more information about shipping time check our Shipping section. 

Your satisfaction is our priority. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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