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Sun & Moon Necklace Set

Sun & Moon Necklace Set

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🌞 Sun and Moon Necklace 🌙

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon!

This unique Sun & Moon Necklace Set is the perfect gift for you and for your loved ones!

The bonds between loved ones are strong and unwavering, just like the relationship between the Sun and Moon!
Love shines through the darkness and brings light all around us! 

A Sun and Moon Necklace set usually reflects balance, wisdom, and growth.

Like the Sun you brighten my days and warm my life!
Like the Moon, you light my path in the darkest hours!
No matter where we go,
No matter what we do,
Youll always be there for me,
And I'll be always there for you!

Each pendant comes with an 18 inch (40 cm) chain.

LIMITED TIME ONLY. Not sold in stores.

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